Image of The Odes - Live (C45)

The Odes - Live (C45)

by The Odes

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A1. Nogales
A2. Can’t Beat Blim
A3. Love Is Like A Violence
A4. O! Pity Us!
A5. She Spent A Fortune On Lipstick On Me
B1. Miles Away
B2. Skies Are Bruised
B3. Fragments
B4. Where You End

The Odes is a continuing documentation of Ted Milton’s collaborations outside of Blurt for the last 25 years; a litany of recordings with The Back-To-Normal Orchestra, Steve Beresford, Sam Britton, Andreas Gerth, Loopspool, Herman Martin, Paddy Steers, Yam Yam and Seymour Milton to name but a few.

Individual tracks from these various collaborations have been re-purposed and re-interpreted by Ted Milton and Sam Britton into a performance scenario and toured extensively over the last few years.

The Odes – ‘Live’ is the first documentation of these performances; capturing unexpected twists to the existing material and new settings for Milton’s poetry and saxophone, the result is a vital, energetic vehicle that pushes the collaborative expeditions ever further, simultaneously adding new work along the way.

Ted Milton – Voice, Saxophone
Sam Britton – Electronics

Recorded live at Hundred Years Gallery, London on 25th May, 2012 by Seymour Milton.

IDEAL 003/NOT 025 is a series of existential nightmares, released in alliance with Not Applicable and strictly limited to 100 tapes and available through all major digital channels.


Black cassettes with white on-body printing and 250gsm matt card inlay.


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